Biocatalytically functionalized fibers and polymers

Site-specific chemical and/or enzyme-catalyzed processes of hydrolysis, surface activation, modification and/or functionalization of fibers (Marie-Curie-ToK/DeV-FP6-POLYSURF, RRP-CelKrog) and polymers (E!4952-BIOPACKAGING) representing an important contribution from the view of more environmentally and ecologically acceptable porcessing. Special attention is attributed to the development of materials possessing permanent, but targeted and biocompatible antimicrobial activity (RRP-CelKrog) using proteins and peptides (EraNet-MATERAPlus-2010-ANTIMICROB-PEPTIDES) or photocatalytic nano-particles (EraNet-MNT-2011-TABANA) affecting bacteria membrane by different mechanisms (directly via interactions or indirectly via free radicals) and thus inhibit the growth of bacteria or kill them. Application potentials in biomedical, therapeutic, packaging, textile, etc..

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