Bioactive materials and coatings for tissue engineering

Biomedical scaffolds (EraNet-MNT-2013-nPOSSCOG) and coatings (Erasmus-Mundus-2013–EUPHRATES, ARRS-J3-9262, ARRS-J2-1719) used in tissue engineering should meet many different requirements, from biocompatibility to physic-mechanical properties and micro-to-nano porosity that direct tissue formation, support oxygen and nutrition diffusion toward the cells and drain waste products from the matrix. Both, the composition and pore interconnectivity are also essential for promotion of cell attachment, differentiation, proliferation and migration, thus regulating the cell’s behaviour, morphology and development (phenotype).. Biodegradability and non-cytotoxicity of degradation products are another issue that plays significant role in cell attachment, and bio-safety ECM replacement of the live tissue.

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