Title Development of high-performance piezoelectric coatings for self-powering of nonwovens used in e-mobility
Area Engineering sciences and technologies: Textile and leather
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Duration 1. 10. 2021 – 30. 9. 2024
Funding 300.000 EUR (ARRS)
Project head Prof. Dr. Vanja Kokol
Participating organizations J. Stefan Institute, Condensed matter physics, UM, Facult of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Objectives Harnessing electricity from mechanical energy (by piezoeletricity) has been recognized as one of the the most emerging and promising technologies recently, not only to sustain self-powered systems in a feasible and economically practical alternative, but also to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and sustain the environment. This project thus focuses on the development of novel high-performance piezoelectric-based energy harvesting coatings using MXene (2D layered transition metal carbides, carbonitrides and nitrides) for self-powering of nonwovens, to fulfil the power requirement of new and forthcomming applications arrising from e-mobility as well as next-generation of functional clothing and footwear.
Specific phases and stage of realization The following specific scientific and technological objectives are defined:

  • Define the stability and processability of MXenes-based inks.
  • Define the effect of nanocellulose surface charge and MXene chemical structure, morphology and solid content ratio on the microstructures of solvent-casted films and modulation of el. resistance / conductivity, electromechanical / piezoelectric and electrochemical storage ability.
  • Define the effect of MXene on crystallinity, flexibility, and strength on functional properties of the films prepared from conductive or piezoelectric polymer.
  • Develop a technological relevant procedure for 3D functionalization of nonwovens with selected MXene based inks using different coating technologies.
  • Validate generated power from vibrations / movements (simulation) of representative nonwoven with energy harvesting properties
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