Title Structural and surface properties of fibrous membranes for purification and chromatographic separation of biomacromolecules
Area Engineering sciences and technologies: Textile and leather
Presentation illustration
Duration 1. 7. 2019 – 30. 6. 2022
Funding 300.000 EUR (ARRS)
Project head Prof. Dr. Vanja Kokol
Participating organizations BIA Separations L.t.d. Separations technology company
Univerist yof Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty
IJS, Department of surafce engineering
Objectives In this project we aim to investigate the preparation/manufacturing process for developing of novel low-cost and high-flow fiber-based filters and ion-exchange membranes, which may act as a complementary method to the existing polymeric-based filters or expensive chromatographic monolithic cartridge-based systems, to enable: i) high and sterile bacteria filtration retention, ii) good gDNA and endotoxin removal, and iii) chromatographic purification/separations of proteins, with high performance and economic feasibility.
The membranes will be prepared by merging existing textile, paper and composite technologies, optionally in a combination with advanced plasma processing to further chemically modify or functionalize the fibers surface with specific ligand, and thus to tailor/increase the membrane surface area and mass transfer properties with good binding capacity, supporting efficient biomolecules purification, separation and recovery.
Specific phases and stage of realization

Developing / manufacturing, characterizing, and testing novel fiber-based:

  • filter membranes for sterile size-exclusion removal of bacteria
  • chromatographic membranes for purification and separation of selected model proteins
  • chromatographic membranes for depletion of target impurities, for example genomic DNA (gDNA) gDNA fragments and endotoxins
Bibliographic references

Scientific conference contributions

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